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Ahhhh yes, getting my bike back up to snuff. Well, Sandia BMW did a great job. They even wire brushed all the bugs off the windshield. So, back on the road around 11:30am. Not an early start, but back on the road.

First things first, I had to make a stop in Cuba New Mexico. You see, I was also supposed to run a 50 mile trail run along the Continental Divide Trail with a friend of mine. Well, I didn't think I should after such a hard climb up Wheeler Peak and besides, I was a little behind schedule, and because I suck, and, and, and. OK, no good excuse really, but this trip was turning less into the reason it all started (my friend planning to run this race) and more into this cross country road trip. And to tell you the truth, that's OK. In fact it was down right fine with me. I was having a blast. Looking back, I wonder how could I ride so many days in a row and still want to ride a few more? Why wasn't I getting bored? Why wasn't I getting tired? How can I explain it?

It makes me have to ask the question, how long could you get on the road and be happy being on the road? I've never found that out yet. I've driven cross country several times before in my truck. Being in the military, one finds himself making that trip a lot it seems. But I never get tired of it. I always seem a bit rushed though. I always have some sort of schedule, or "end" point. What would it be like to not have to be anywhere and any time with no time limit? What a thought...
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