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Freakin' temperature was getting really cold. I actually saw 23 degrees this day! I had my heated gloves and heated jacket on to take the edge off though.

Although... OK, I have to be honest here. You guys will love this. Like I said, I ain't no motoman. I own the cool shit, but never get to use it. I barely know how to use it. I guess you could compare me to Ewan. Now I ain't bagging on Mr. McGregor, he has done a whole hell of a lot more than me. But guys seem to love giving him a rough time. In my book though, he's out there doing it. Crew or no crew, support or no, he's having fun, doing something he loves. That's cool in my book. And I was out there doing my thing as well... So what was I saying? Oh yeah, you guys will love this... long story short, I don't know shit...

So my jacket was heating up nicely, but my gloves, not so much. I was pissed actually. These gloves are expensive! I had the heated grips on as well, and my hands were chilly still. What gives? So I decided to take things off and investigate why my gloves seem cold. Did you guys know that plugging in your gloves to your sleeves of your jacket is only half the battle? Yeah, turns out you have to ALSO plug the "second" plug in that little pocket of your jacket, into the bike. Who knew there were two plugs? What a moron.

Ahhhhh, much better. Yeah, two little knobs on my controller... one for the jacket and one for the gloves. WOW, waht a great idea, huh?

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