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So time for a little story tellin'.

I rode from somewhere up and over to the WA border, took a quick pic of the welcome sign and made my way through the northern..ish part of ID. I had the best ridding ever. Unbelievable... However, I was a bit concerned with the weather and forecast. It was cold, but clear, however is was supposed to start snowing and I now had a storm on my heals. I moved on through the MT border to Bozeman for the night. Stayed in a hotel, the temps and pending weather was just too much for me to process. I didn't need a night outside. I needed a warm bed and a TV with the weather channel.

Actually... I could have done without the weather channel. Watching what was coming just made me nervous. Now I don't want to sound like snowmageddon was coming, but ANY snow would be difficult for me to deal with...

So why did I push into MT? Well, I was now on a quest. I wanted to ride and I wanted to see all those welcome signs. Every time I saw one I got so excited. It was sooooo cool doing this. So far, I had gotten every one! All I had to do was get across MT, drop down into WY for a quick pic, back up to the highway and head over to ND. Then I would start dropping down; across SD, over to the southwestern corner of MN, a short side trip into NE... well you get the picture.

However, RIGHT NOW I WAS IN FREAKING MONTANA... IN OCTOBER... ON A MOTORCYCLE... What was I doing? I felt like the snow could start any day and there I would be until spring... Sounded great actually, but I had to wrap this up eventually and get back to reality. I couldn't afford to get stuck for a couple days, or a week, or anything.

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