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I've been busy with a number of things lately and haven't ridden the /6 for a while. I did take some time, a couple weeks ago, to dig into my non-functioning oil pressure light. I had replaced the sending unit, but it once again quit coming on when the ignition was turned on. Turned out to be more loose pin/circuit board conductor strips. I should have just soldered them all when I had it apart the first time! Also checked, lubed, and generally futzed around with my odometer. I haven't ridden the bike since this last odo "service". I thought I had it fixed one time before but sticking gears and such made it add 200+/- miles to the odo total in a 5 to 6 mile ride. Maybe it didn't really have over 100K miles on it when I bought it. On the first "service", I adjusted the little drive worm gear to make contact again and thought I had it fixed, but things were so tight, the worm gear got pushed out of engagement again. Anyway, things worked much smoother turning it by hand after the second try so we'll have to see how it does on a ride.

The last time I rode the bike it seemed the engine got "noisier" after the engine had completely warmed up. Not knowing if that is somewhat the nature of an airhead, I decided to re-check the valve clearance. Left side still on the money where I set it last time. The right side was about .001" loose, but I might have had a different "feel" on that side before. Certainly not anything that would cause excessive clattering. It's at spec now. So...the question de jour is simple, do airheads tend to get noisier after they're up to opearating temp? I'll admit, I need to re-sync my carbs since it runs a bit rough at idle, but the noise, when at a fast idle and it's running pretty smoothly, is still there. I wouldn't describe it as a "hammering connecting rod" death knock....more like very loose valves.

I'd love to get this bike more sorted out so I can justify tinkering with "fun" things like building a solo seat and luggage rack for over the rear fender.

Thanks, in advance, for any feedback regarding normal airhead sounds.

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