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R.I.P. sweet Angus
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Originally Posted by scott P View Post
Very humbling experience. The track is a lot different when you ride it vice being a spectator. Here I thought I was doing pretty good getting a couple feet of air, when a rider flies pass me and all I see is the bottom of his skip plate

That double is really just a long up hill and a flat table top.........some of the A riders where clearing it crossed up.

I did have a yute try and pass me up a hill on the inside. All I heard was ohhhhhhhhhh shit and then I felt his knobbie crawling up the back of my right leg. He dumped it and luckily I kept from going down with him.

Rock on Scotty! Looks fooking awesome. Glad to hear that Steve is okay.
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I'd be cranky too if I had to blow 500 horses!
You can bet your sweet ass and half a titty...
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