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Hey Guys,

Hoping someone can help me out. I bought this CZR system from ebay. The seller has sold a ton of them and has lots of great reviews. But I'm having a strange problem with mine. It fits the bike fine, but the calipers won't bite the rotor until the lever travels all the way to the handle bar. And then it just barely grabs the rotor. If I fiddle with the adjustment screw on the lever, the pads drag on the rotor. Basically, the caliper remains partially engaged. And even with the caliper partially engaged, with the pads dragging on the rotor, significant lever travel is required before the caliper grabs the rotor.

I have installed a new steel braided line, there are no leaks and there is no air in the system. Repeatededly bled the brakes. Everything is new. New caliper, new rotor, new master cylinder/lever, new brake line, new pads, new fluid. I'm stumped.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this system and/or advice. Thanks
You have air in your brake system. I always power bleed from the caliper up to the mstr on the bars. Try wrapping a strap around your brake lever after pulling it as far back as it will go. leave it over nite and give it another try.
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