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I don't know if my video tops yours MATPOC (those are some cool ruins for the New England area!) but here's the start of my ride today.. I think I may take a few weeks off from riding the DRZ after this one; which would be fine since it needs a bunch of maintenance anyway....

The closing image: I thought I'd take a hint from Rob since he seems to have this stuff figured out better than I!!

After watching the video I took a closer look at my helmet.. I think my thighs hitting the bars (especially my right leg) stopped most of my forward momentum but my helmet hit the tree as well. It was a pretty good hit mostly since it was SO straight on..

The rest of the day I was definitely off my game seeing as I had limited use of my right leg and right hand but it was a fun ride and I always like to see people pushing their limits! It bums me out a little seeing how easy it seams for P-Funk though.. I guess I really am getting old!

When in doubt, gas it. It will either fix the problem, or at the very least end the suspense.

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