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Originally Posted by beergut View Post
KTM 640adv:
625cc, 54hp

KLR 650
649cc, 20hp

Honda XR650
644cc, 30-35hp

Suzuki DR650
644cc, 43hp

All of these are estimated and from QUICK google searches and are unmodified engine ratings. One thread said the XR can hit the 45-50hp target pretty easily, the DR isnt far off and the KTM makes everyone laugh.

WHy does the KLR suck so bad? What can make serious improvements?
Motorcyclist Magazine dyno puts the KLR at 36 hp @ 6,230 rpm. This is a screen shot of it I got off the KLRWorld site. . Dark blue is the 2008 torque numbers, light blue the 2007. Dark orange is the 2008 hp numbers and light orange the 2007. The whole article can be found in the Motorcyclist archives. I can't link to it because I'm on a government computer. Notice that the 2008 and 2007 both make the same peak hp but the 2008 makes it about 500 rpm lower than the 2007.

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