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Originally Posted by Taranis View Post

I'm making custom brake lines for a silly project. The stainless hose has a PVC outer sheath. I want to reuse the rubber locating bushings from stock lines, which are adhered on, so I'll have to cut them off, and maybe use a few wraps of old bicycle inner tube to build up some diameter.

Is there an appropriate adhesive that will stick rubber to itself and to PVC?
Working on this some more. Thinking adhesive-lined heat shrink is probably my best bet for building up the diameter. Tried two layers of some thick heat shrink I had around and it brought the diameter of the hose right up to where the OE rubber locating bushings want it to be (matching OE rubber hose).

Read a little on bonding to polyolefin, and it's apparently difficult due to the non-porous, chemically inert nature of the stuff. I'm going to buy the size of heat shrink I need at the local Fastenal.

Is there a Loctite product I should have them order in to glue the rubber to it?

Doing more googling:

This looks like just the stuff, but I can't get any out of Fastenal for less than $196.

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