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Ha! Well, Pshaw, Jerry!

I'm, ah, lighter that you (but still 184) and my wife's '09 (upjetted, restricter plate out) Met just whips at 42 +/- ! And there's no comparing it or the Ruckus to the "new" Honda Met - that's just a rebadged Giorno made for the Chinese market - totally gutless!

Yeah, lotta people go the full-farkle route with the Ruckus, but you don't have to put a stretch kit, drop bars, pegs, yadayadayada aftermarket crapola on them...just a decent GY-6'll do ya just fine. In other words, you ain't got to spend 10k to get what ya want outta the Ruck.

Actually, this nice, clean Ruckus for 1.5 k would be an ideal candidate for just such a thang; lucky for me it's in Indiana!

The Zuma 125...why, oh, why didn't they make it a 150?

and I still take my dead-stock C3 out in traffic every day - in the Greater Metropolitan Washington, DC traffic suckness, where demento civil servants, psycho-aggresso Redneck Dualies, Alien Life Forms, and Lexite-Mercedoid Trophy Wives all compete to take you out. 49-point-something CCs: the Ride of Manly Men, Laughing at Death!

(Oooooh...sorry...carried away meds...)

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