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Now finally getting a chance to post up the next day of this trip. It is Friday 9-28-12 and we are loading up to leave Chucktown ( Charleston). Since our bike was just a few blocks down the street in a private lot for the Hotel, their bell hop took us in the cart and our luggage to the bike. Very helpful and offered to stay until we were on our way but I assured him that we would be OK or I'd call back to the desk.

So we are on the road out of town and headed south to see the only Tea Plantation in the US and since the giant Angel Oak is in the same area, we plan to stop there as well then it will be northward bound toward home with some neat stops along the way.

Incredible place and worth a visit. Free visit unless you want to take the bus ride through the whole farm.

I thinks I'll stay out of this bed, old age is doing that for me anyway

Custom designed, only one like it in existence.....not a cotton pickin' tea picker, just a tea picker.

Lots of huge Live Oaks here jsut like the Angel Oak we are going to visit next. The tea plantation makes different types of tea. We learned that teas are different only because of the curing process and not any difference in tea plants.

OK, back north a few miles up the road, we turn into see the Angel Oak. Disclaimer, don't go here on a bike unless you are accustomed to riding off road and in very soft loose sand. The road is flat but total sand and so is the parking lot. Loaded and 2-up was a bit tricky even for an off-roader like me!

Maybe 1/2 mile of this sand....

Awesome tree!!!

mtngal in the pic and I guess you noticed they keep some limbs propped up out of the sand.

We tried some back roads in the general direction of I-26 but did not seem to be making much time. We wanted to get north of Columbia before stopping for the night so I got on I-26 early on then we went looking for the neat little town of Newberry SC.

We found a Hampton in Newberry and decided to stay there as it was convenient, new and built to match the famous Newberry Opra House next door. There is also an excellent bistro just up the street and as an added bonus, we found out it is haunted as you will see.

Opra House...

Newberry downtown was a pleasant surprise. Beautiful spot and we headed for the bistro to see what the chef has cooking. We asked the waitress to take our photo and she said it may not work because we had just been seated and the spirit usually joins the last guests seated but she would try and if the camera would not work, she could come back after the seated someone else. Well, me being the brave skeptic handed her my camera and ask her to shoot away....oops she said...

She tried another angle but the spirit is still there.....I think mine and mtngal's eyes are the most spooky thing in the photos

maybe this is just an indication of how much we have had to drink ( we are fuzzy right )

OK, she came back after they seated some other folks and I handed her the same this is the same camera in all pics and not the one that gave us problems in the first half of the trip. Ghost gone now.

This bistro was an old medical building and they did have a patient die there and so it been haunted since. The food was absolutely awesome!!!

OK, that's about it for this day as we took a brief stroll then off for rest. Saw no more ghosts either. The next day we head up toward Mill Spring on back roads, a stop in Black Mountain for pizza then on home near Max Patch.....I'll post those up asap.

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