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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Where is that you are getting your info. Electronic ignitions fail on all makes. Hall effect sensors are in hot spots in most motorcycle engines, not just airheads. I have been a car mechanic and worked at multi-line motorcycle dealerships. Other bikes DO have electronic ignition failures. Honda's or Yamaha's? Most of them are totaled long before most airheads. Go figure. And yes, electronic ignitions are still much more reliable than points.

Brass floats aren't the answer either!
yada.. yada ... yada... never said halls don't fail on other bikes and cars ... just that for what ever reason, they seem to fail more on airheads.

if someone would offer a nice set of brass floats for bing carbs... I'd be all over em. and yes brass floats can fail too. but not like plastic floats. which can be counted on to give problems. vs brass floats rarely fail. then they can be repaired.

in your dreams ... airhead electronic ignitions are more reliable than points... now if you had said less maintenance, I'd go for that until... you are pushing your airhead with a failed halls
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