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Well, I rode it, and I like it...a LOT!

Too bad the dealer is such a jerk...I introduced myself as the person who called about the Uly. I think he mumbled "hi". That was it. He never even got up from his desk.

Anyway, I love the motor! It pulls like a freight train and kind of sounds like one too. The seat height is great (I'm 5'11" with 32" inseam). The controls are identical to the DR650 (as is the brake dive) so I felt right at home.

I found the steering to be a tad heavy though. Not what I would have expected out of a rig with a 17" front wheel. Not an issue though.

The shifter was the real problem though. For whatever reason it seems like it was at least an inch too high. My foot was forced upward at a tight angle throughout the ride. It was actually sore after a few blocks. It's about like trying to drive a car with the seat shoved all the way forward. I kept trying to slide back in the seat to avoid this but couldn't due to stepped seat. There does seem to be some adjustment on the shift linkage though. Is this a common complaint? Oddly, the rear brake pedal never bothered me....either that or I rode the brake the whole time.

I wasn't able to purchase it due to a "software issue" connecting to the banks.

Fun, fun bike though! The sound of the fan was cool too!

One last question. How on earth do you guys lift these up for service? The under frame muffler/exhaust would interfere with my current jack.
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