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the next morning we set out early enough; there was some intermittent drizzle and I put the rain cap over the tank-bag, but we didn't put on rain gear. The meteo was promising rather better weather, but getting worse for the weekend/meeting

getting some petrol, checking tyre pressure and having a coffee quite near the german border

after having crossed into Germany, it's getting a bit hilly. I had ridden the Jawa hard to follow Birol sometimes, especially some longer uphill stretches were a battling it out with the faster lorries.

Then, at a real long uphill stretch just after exit Passau-Mitte power fell away . I somehow coaxed here to the summit - the cardinal mistake.
I had - partially correct - assumed a plug problem.
The engine stopped just at or after the summit, and I was able to coast down to a small parking.

With the fairing it's better to take of the reservoir to get at the plugs, especially if you don't want to burn your hands on the cylinders.

I was not to happy when I had to see this. Molten Cathode and a nice hole in the piston.
Had I cut her immidiately when the power fell away, I might have prevented this. A Jawa hardly ever dies on you without a warning, I learned

Birol then called on the phone about my where abouts and came back on the highway, leaving on the next exit and doubling back.

We then tried to call several AiA people whose number I had with me, but this was a tuesday morning; work hours.

İ then reached Uwe (see several posts before) and he contacted several people per Mail / PM on the forum.
Soon afterwards he called back and brought the good news that Nanno in Linz, just a good 100 kms away, would have the parts needed.
I got the phone number and yes, Nanno could easily get away from University at noon and his rented garage was just a km from the first highway exit of Linz.

In the meantime Karl, also called 'Jawa-Carl' had seen the missed calls on his phone and contacted me. He messaged the adresses of 2 dealers in the Czech town of Budweis (where the real beer, not the american coloured water comes from). Nevertheless, quite a ride away.
The foto is from the 'Winter ride', changing the clutch and adjusting the front brake on Mehmeds Jawa in Karls house in Vienna.

So Birol set out. He met Nanno in Linz, but there were no more parts. I didn't really wonder, as I knew he had sold of his Jawa-hack.

So Birol continued to Budweis. As a precaution he had taken along most of our cash.

In the meantime I had started disassembling the bike.

Birol had called that Nanno didn't have the parts and I knew I was in for a long wait. So some coffee in between

the parking area was a bit typical for the german highway - no installations at all, no lights, toilets, water - in most other countries a parking space will at least have some of those.

This Dutch journalist in his 4wd stopped because he saw my ADV sticker. They were on the way from covering some Enduro -Rally in Romania. And handed me over a 'broken-piston-survival-kit', containing what was left in the car; food , water and some Whiskey. So at least I was set up in this area.

See that the second piston was also seriously affected. The 2 Cylinders in a Jawa hardly ever work completely syncron - the tolerances of the carburetor bridge seem to be the reason for that.

I was then in for a long wait. Luckily I had my MP 3 loaded with 4 GB of audio-books and a USB-loader on the Jawa which connects to the battery.

Birol in the meantime had found a Jawa -shop in Budweis, by hiring a Taxi.

I wonder how much that brand new one would be - I bought mine for 600,-- Euros

the owner first didn't want to sell the pistons and cylinders, as they were the last, and it was his rather well german speaking wife, that convinced him to let riders out of Turkey not being stranded.

no used parts, we had to buy a new resp. renovated running set.

Birol came back to the parking at about 8 pm

and we got to work. Birol had me also call Nanno if he would help, as he was of course dog-tired.

heating up the pistons on the Coleman, so that - enter english term for 'Kolbenbolzen' - enters.

Cylinders back in place

some tea and food in between

Nanno in the background, having driven about 100 kms one way to lend a hand

approaching midnight she's back together

coffee break

test run, tank not yet mounted

and on the road again

we had decided to go the 500 kms to the Henneburg through the night - stopping at Highway stations and having a coffee and half an hours sleep.

I again handled her badly resp. didn't run her in correctly by riding only moderately, whilst a 2 stroke should be revved a bit when running her in.
She nearly stuck, but I had cut her immediately this time and after a while she ran again, without consequences, it seems.

people wondering about the strange bikes from strange lands

some struts on Birols rack had broken

I was so tired in the end, I layed down a bit

broke a mirror, about 10 kms from the castle; crossing still under construction and as such of a real stupid angle, but I had been half asleep.

a bit later, I was sound asleep

next : the meeting
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