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If you're by yourself.....

do this as indicated below..If you're riding with anoother bike, use their kickstand. I carry a 12V compressor from Aerostich and have no problems setting the bead. Unfortunately I've had the occaision to use it a fair number of times. It's small, light and works. I've even used it to air up car tires in a pinch. Also the aluminum Motion Pro tire irons, work for the rear axle nut and they weigh nothing.

I'd be interested to know what you all carry for Tire lube, and how you carry it (what container)

Originally Posted by MAXVERT View Post
Best way to break the rear tire bead is to place bike on center stand.
Take rear wheel off.
Put the side stand down ( I've welded a bigger foot on mine )
Place the rear tire under the side stand.
Rock the bike over on the center stand, using the side stand foot
to break the bead.

The front bead is usually easy to break with boot pressure.

It's a good idea to practice all this at home first.

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