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This may be heresy to post but....

When I was in high school I had a crush on the most perfect and beautiful girl in town. We were friends. Never dated.

At the same time the Honda CB750F, second generation came out. I thought it was so beautiful. I wanted one, but couldn't afford one. I watched a mostly stock CB900F destroy 'faster' bikes at a race at Brainerd International Raceway. Oh, how I wanted one of those bikes. At the time I rode a KZ650, which I'd rebuilt from a wrecked bank repo. It wasn't the prettiest bike, but I did all of the handling upgrades that I could afford, and it was (for it's time) a nice nasty bike. But it was no Honda.

Ten years later I had a chance to buy a very clean and low mile cb750f. I jumped at the chance. And it was.....not that great. It was nice, no doubt, but it was missing the edge of my old Kawaski...and the power of a Sabre I rode after the Kawa.

I kept that bike for about a year and then sold it. I don't remember any of the details now who bought it. There was no love anymore. All the longing I felt in high school were...gone.

And about the same time I went back to my home town and saw that beautiful girl. She was bagging groceries. She was still cute, yes, but I noticed she was not very bright, and actually, not that beautiful.

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