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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
worth repeating...

electronic ignition failures in all but airheads are just about non-existent. yes all electronic can and do fail, but are very reliable.

would we be having this discussion in say Honda or Yamaha bikes? yes ignition failures do exist, but for everything except for airheads they are rare indeed.

someone will be along shortly to deny it all. but for some reason threads on electronic ignition failures for airheads both OEM and aftermarket ignitions consistently pop up.
First hand experience from someone who's a true believer of Electronic Ignitions...

1983 R80ST, bad Bean Can to be replaced with A/M bean can.

1993 R100GS Bad Bean Can replaced when the bike was still under warranty.

1993 XR650L died, on the freeway (Carrying my wife) Trouble shooting lead to a failed CDI box AND bad trigger winding.
Replaced the box and stator, (which also includes trigger winding) and problem went away never to return.

1983 CB750F, Ignitor potting failed leading to Ignigtor failing. When the Ignigtor fails the bike no longer has Ignition.
This mind you is an age and heat related problem, so an outlier when it comes to electronic ignition.

But I've had far more experiences with points needing work and futzing and hard starting and...
To sway me to go back to running points, ever.
But I'm also a fan of fuel injection over carbs.
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