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Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
That's a much better set-up than the ones for sale over here. Really like the pre-filter and easy to wash top.
The ones they sell over here have a soft rubber outside that slides of the edge of the air box.

I'm thinking about trying this.

And put some waterproof pre-filters over them when doing river crossings to deal with the splashing of a bow wave.
On a trip to Macetown ( An old gold mining town with 26 river crossings each way)I had thought about using some cut off pastic drink bottles cable tied over the snorkels, ( far enough forward to let the engine breath ) to deflect the bow wave water. We ended up just having a go, and drowned a 1200adv Beemer when he took a wrong line into waist deep water. They take ages to de- drown, so we only got about 8 crossings up.
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