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Originally Posted by bandito2 View Post
Well, it has also been applied to a 250 Ninja. So it doesn't HAVE to be model or make specific. That was the point in making it adaptable to other bikes.
The issue surrounds the height of the front end. If it was fitted to a Ninja 250 or any other traditional motorcycle frame, something HAD to be modified in the nose of the bodywork. I don't think normal size motorcycle wheels and forks will fit under that nose (as it's shown). The profile seems too sloped and the larger the wheel diameter, the more material has to be cut away to allow the wheel to swing in there. That's what leads me to believe fitting it to a regular motorcycle will be harder than a scooter.

I'm with you on all points: initial cost, future collectibility, exclusivity, etc. I'm a big fan of Craig Vetter and all that he's done in motorcycling over the years. It would be cool. I have to admit that this very streamliner had me fantasizing about a similar build just a few short months ago. It just doesn't fit my current riding lifestyle and would take up too much room in my dwindling storage space.
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