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I'm the third party in this escapade, My name is Nivs.

Thiis is how this thing started. Poodle Love and his better half, MissOrganized have been street riding buddies of mine for 4 or 5 years. A couple of years ago, Poodle Love tells me he had purchased a KLR650.

"What the hell is that"?, I ask him.

"I want to start doing some adventure riding, you know, get away from the streets we see all the time, see more nature, experience some adventure" was his response. Whatever.

Well, both MissOrganized and I ended up with DRZ400's.

Fast forward to late spring of 2012: I call up Poodle Love.

Me: "Hey PL, I got a question for you".

PL: "Ya.....?

Me: 'Are you the kind of guy who talks about taking epic motorcycle trips, or the kind of guy who takes epic motorcycle trips"?

PL: -long pause- "FYYFF"!

Me: "I'll assume that means that you are gonna walk the walk"?

PL: 'Hell yeah I'm in.


From there on out it was just Itinerary, destination, organization, other participants and providence, which meant that the likelyhood of this actually getting pulled off was very low.

Fortunately, we had a date with destiny, and her name was MissOrganized (and she didn't order the lobster).

More soon.
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