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Originally Posted by MiteyF View Post
Thanks for the information, but just as I stated in the first line of my original post, I'm not "new" to vintage 2 strokes. I've owned/ridden/rebuilt many, and understand the mechanics

The bike is premix from the factory, and again, as stated previously, I'm mixing at the FACTORY RECOMMENDED 20:1 (during break-in they recommend 15:1)
No need to get crappy about anything dude. I will tell you with modern oils that is way too much oil if you are using a concentrate. 40:1 is probably more like it. Way too much oil in your mix causes a motor to run poorly and will displace your gasoline in the mix which is your actual coolant.In 1966 you had poor quality oil and needed a lot more just to get by. Fast forward to 2012....not the case.
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