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I don't find any bad buzz on the 800. The knobbies are loud but when I put on my street rims it is very smooth. I did the cheapo suspension upgrade of heavier springs in front since I'm a 220lbs before suiting up. Works for me.
I'm hoping to hit a few more events next year. Calabogie is a very nice area.


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Ha! already a step ahead of you! My wife is sitting her feeding the baby and I have about 12 tabs opened up on my laptop, one of which is youtube wataching "Awesome Players Drowned bikes". I've been watching intently as you are on an 800GS. Good skills!!

No KLR buzz on the highway? Did you upgrade your suspension?


I forwarded your videos to a mate and fellow KLR rider of mine, he is pumped we plan on coming down to Calabogie in the spring. Hopefully I'll be on a new steed....800GS perhaps?
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