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I hate stones on pavement .

I am one of those old Harley Riders that doesn't always wear full protection I do wear a helmet most of the time, even though it is not required by law in Arizona. I have been down twice, both times while wearing full leathers ect, and both times when I was riding more aggressivly that I should have been. The first time I totalled my 96 Ultra, the second time I only got a few scratches on my 06.
Of course I wonder what would happen if I went down and was killed, but then again I figure I would die on my Harley, and I am old enough I know I am going to die someday in the near future anyway. So at least I would die doing something I love.
But I have noticed that a lot of riders wearing full protection do tend to ride very aggressivly. So I also wonder if there is a relationship between the fact that they are well protected and the aggressive riding style?
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