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Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
Hey, was the shift lever dinged at all? sometimes a direct hit there goofs up the shift drum, etc. I have extra top nuts if you can't find yours. i probably dont have your address anymore, though.

I'll do another search, I have bought 10 or so KTM triples and have never needed one so I can't imagine where they are all hiding. I'll reach out to you if I can't find one and need to buy thanks!

I've been waiting on parts and some specialized tooling to get the next part done, mounting the swingarm. I machined down the original axle from 20mm to 17mm so it could now function as the swingarm pivot bolt. Next I needed to make up some bosses to fit into the frame that would now locate the axle in the original 20mm frame holes.

I made up one side and it fits great. It's a little long on purpose, I installed in in the frame (it's dead blow press fit) and ran the axle through. I then used a telescoping gauge to measure the opposite distance.

Pic I stole from the web

A little math to get them to the correct length and voila. I turned a chamfer around the inside of the spacer so that I have a groove to weld in to the frame. They aren't finished because I decided to buy an actual 17mm drill bit. I drilled it with a 21/32" which is 16.67mm. Then I realized that I don't have a drill chuck big enough to hold a 17mm shank so I'm waiting on a buddy to get one on loaner for me.

You can also see in this pic how far off the chain is from the KTM to the ninja. I successfully machined down the stock CS sprocket on my CBR to get it closer to the block. I then spaced out the rear sprocket using a plate of aluminum I drilled for the bolt holes. I will have to do the same thing here and also move the guard outboard.

I've been buying steel rods in any diameter I can get my hands on, these I found in 3' lengths 1.5" dia at a scrap yard for $1.50/lb. Great to have on hand for things like this. I also try and keep a bunch of aluminum rods for the same thing.

Then I need to make up a tube to fit between the arms of the swinger to keep the bearings in place. Once the swingarm is located I can cut the subframe to make room for the shock. I think redoing the subframe tubing will be easy with some new DOM tubing and my bender. Should actually look identical to the clutch side.

The top shock mount I have lots of ideas for. I really want to get the suspension angles correct so I will probably spend quite a bit of time measuring and checking and checking again. First I need to finish up the front end and getting the forks on so I can get the rake correct.

I got my new roller bearings for the steering tube and will finish up the lathe work to get the stem mounted.
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