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As far as I know the suspension is the same. If you really want to take the bike off-road buy used. You can get some real deals on bikes that already have a lot of accessories on them. With the three year warranty you can buy a two year old bike and still have a year for any major problems to be sorted out.

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Great info from everyone I appreciate it. It pays to hear from real people who have put some miles down range on the KLR then made the switch. If it was as easy to test ride bikes as it is to do with cars these forums wouldn't be as full!!

Does anyone know if the 2013 suspension has been sorted? I know there is an adjustment for rebound on the back shock but thats it.

My plan is to pick up a 2013 over the winter then pick away at upgrades. First and foremost will be armour, skid plate, crash bars, bark busters etc. An average ride on my KLR with my buddy nets about 60% off road 40% on with 2-3 crash's each haha!.
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