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I totally disagree with most of what you have said, posted below, here. I am in the business of decorating and selling garments. Cotton does not stick, in fact, it absorbs moisture. Furthermore, in the event of an accident involving your skin, your clothing and high heat, whether in the form of ashphault burn or flames, cotton can be removed from your wounds. Whereas, any material containing polyester will fuse to your skin. This is why we can only sell 100 % cotton to offshore companies. We sell lots of "moisture wicking" sportsshirt for golf and athletics, which are designed to pull the moisture off of your skin and dry in the outer layers of the fabric to keep you cool. However, these fabrics do not work very well unless the outside humidity is below 70%. As for your undies? Stick with your personal preference. I wear my whitey-tighties, 100% cotton and I have never had a sticky problem, and I live in Texas where we ride in 100+ all the time.

Save your money on the clothing unless you are purchasing weather protection, or abrasion/crash protection. Or, perhaps you are riding professionally. Purchase the seat that is comfortable.

If sticking to the seat is a problem, consider the alternative. The WORST thing you can have is a slippery seat. NO? If you don't believe me, go Armourall your seat and go hit the dirt trails. Call me from the hospital.

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In a lot of cases, it's not the seat, it's the pants. For any long distance riding blue jeans are a definite no-no, and that goes for shorter rides, too. Before spending a bunch on seat works, get her some proper riding pants, and if she's up for them, some LD riding underpants, the IBA's favorite! They are spendy but for distance they're the best and will save you a bunch by not trying and buying every other type of shorts out there. The big problem with jeans is that they're made of cotton, which will stick to your skin and can also stick to the bike's seat. Proper riding pants don't stick anywhere and let you move around on the seat, eliminating pressure points and hot spots while you ride.

Hope this helps, and get her back out there!
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