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I posted this in the DOG section but thought I'd repost it here and see if anyone has any feedback on setup since I know there's at least a few that do this every so often, plus we need more bikes next race, Paul said he'll have an official ADV class next time...

the race was awesome. great trails and good fun to show up on the beast and ride in the woods. I was running a 120/100-18 Pirelli MT16 rear with a 80/100-21 Pirelli MXMidSoft front tire. heavy duty tubes, and I think 18-20psi front and rear. no rim locks either. Seemed to work fine but I'll check out the bike tonight and see if the tires slid on the rims, and see if they are both full pressure. I put the new tires on the bike Saturday night but was pretty happy with the performance on the bike.

my suspension was a bit off, I bottomed out the suspension quite a few times, but for the first time out in conditions like this, I was happy. I probably should have been more aggressive passing, after watching your video, I was definitely too timid in my passing. I would just wait till we got to somewhere with lots of room or if I could go up the inside of folks in turns I'd pass.

I told Paul that next time we'd get more ADV'ers out there for the race and he said to bring them on!!!

I stayed to ride with some friends the rest of the day and even though I brought out my 450 I rode the 950 for most of the day. When I got back on my 450 (07 XC) it felt like a play bike. I could flat foot when sitting on the seat, and the seating position felt like it was cramped up. Like when I get off my 450 and get on my wifes Kawasaki 140L, that's what it felt like getting off the 950 and getting on the 450. weird. lol.
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