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Cow Hollow

This is cow hollow. The Oregon Trail fords the Snake at a crossing where islands formed from the influx of The Owyhee and Boise rivers; then here at the hollow, along a creek, joins the alternate (southern) route of the trail. This has always been a place for gathering. In 1935 a large CCC camp was built here and filled with young men from New Jersey. With the war the camp turned semi-internment and was filled with families of Japanese.

The trees outline the camp's yard. We set up here, in their shade, my first son's wedding.

Not much camp left.

Foundations churned up by roots. One old quarters.

The camps gate posts have been toppled and shoved to the weeds and rubish at the roads edge. The foot stone bares a mason's mark. I feel a duty to save these artifacts. FDR was driven between these pillers. If I can line up five fit men and a truck they would do well in my wife's gardens.

The weather is playing nice as I ride to the POW camp.

Flag popping winds.

Papa, would you like your old cell?

Yes, please.
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