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My photos of this area did not survive the computer crash so I shamelessly ripped this one off from the web.
Kanab is also called Little Hollywood because so many movies and TV shows have been filmed there including: The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Planet of the Apes, and the Outlaw Josey Wales.
Another attraction is something called The Wave. I don't know what this is but access to whatever it is is through a daily lottery and I encountered people from all over the world waiting to be chosen. Maybe somebody can fill in the blanks on this one.
Motorcycle touring can be physically demanding and at this point I was bushed, so I slept rather than look around in this fascinating area.

Continuing west from Kanab I went north on Hwy. 89 to Page, AZ. and this,

The blue of the water in Lake Powell was a beautiful contrast to the color of the surrounding desert. To my eye, it appeared that the lake level is dramatically lower than it has been in the past.
I never tire of seeing the big sky views to be seen in the west.

Photos from here on are gone, gone, gone.
I was close enough to home now to begin pushing. During the entire trip the temp rarely rose above 50F. My body had been working hard to keep me warm and I was tired. After an overnight in Durango, Co it was an express ride back to Longmont. I've documented other rides in the 4 Corners area in ride reports.
Almost every location on this trip was beautiful and the riding some of the best I've experienced - ever. Avoiding freeways made monotony rare and brought me into closer contact with people.
Traveling back roads and secondary highways is still a great way to see the U.S. and I hope you have a similar trip in your future.
"When I was younger I was afraid I'd die riding now that I'm old and falling apart, I'm afraid I won't."
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