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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
When they started making adventure bikes 15 years or so ago, they used top of the range 50mm WP Extreme forks in their 620 Adventure - with DLC coated tubes. Same forks they ran in the Dakar. Now the adventure bikes get the lowest level of forks to come out of the WP factory down the road. The cheapest, simplest forks in the range. In 15 years KTM adventure bikes have gone from having the best suspension they could possibly get, to the worst. Cause now they know ... for 98% of buyers, it just doesnt matter.

And if you are in the 2% that care, then you get your wallet out again ... whether you ride a KTM or a BMW or whatever.
Ducati does the same thing.. when many models have come out over the past 20 yrs I have seen them they start out with fully adjustable and rebuildable/upgradable Showa stuff, couple years later the same model has unadjustable forks, and a preload adjustable Sachs shock, etc. Take for instance new Multi 1200S, originally came with Ohlins electronic suspension, now comes with Ducati's own electronic suspension (to early to tell if an upgrad or same/same).
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