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Originally Posted by rockydog View Post
at some point would like to hear about Bike Insurance, Emergency Medical Insurance,and the perfect FirstAid Kit.

thanks and have fun
Bike Insurance: I searched high and low for bike insurance options for the countries we will be in (Chile and Argentina). I asked my own insurance company, called a few competitors, even emailed an insurance agent in Argentina asking if he could assist and the answers all came back as "no" or even more annoying "Why would you want insurance for those countries?"

Then I found motorcycleexpress and they work with underwriters to provide the exact motorcycle insurance coverage we needed. They don't cover all countries so be super careful that you're getting coverage where you need it. It's not cheap either -- right around $500 per bike for two months of coverage. If you've taken a motorcycle safety course you can save 5-10%. It takes about 10 business days once you submit your application. The application requires a pretty simple form to fill out, a credit card number, copies of: passport, driver license, title, and registration.

Medical Evacuation Insurance: I"m still not sure if this was worth it or not but for my own peace of mind I decided to go for it. I found this also through Motorcycleexpress. If you read the fine print on the application form it makes it sound like they don't cover incidents that occur due to motorcycle riding but after extensive conversations with the underwriters I learned (and got written proof) that they don't cover incidents that occur due to motorcycle racing but if you're using motorcycles as a mode of transportation they do provide coverage. Application form is online and very simple. For both my husband and I together it cost $101 for 3 months of coverage. I wanted this insurance just for the extreme covereage. I guess there's no way to know how well it really works unless, god forbid, you need it. But it feels good to me to have it in my pocket. We also are using the GPS SPOT device which comes with some SOS service options.

The Perfect First Aid Kit: I spoke with my doctor and local pharmacist to find out what would be in a good first aid kit. Then I found the REI Backpacker Plus kit ($47) which included nearly everything they recommended and was small and compact. I added a few things to it in the extra bottles they supply: more generic painkiller, some benedryl, an inhaler, our prescription for Cipro (for travelers stomach issues), some decongestant pills and a bottle of iodine water purification pills. We've all taken Typhoid medication already and luckily we won't be dealing with Malaria zones. I feel really confident that we have everything we might need and the REI kit also includes a little booklet that explains what to do if you actually need to use any of the stuff in the kit. The size and quality is perfect for us. Also -- you can go to your local pharmacist and many of them will provide "travel consultations" which means you tell them where you're going and they'll recommend what shots you need, what medication you should take with you and they can even write the prescriptions for you. The service costs about $50 but is cheaper that a doctor visit.
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