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Originally Posted by Too Tall View Post
Need a recommendation from the adventure rider community on more aggressive tires for a KTM 990SMT. Stock tires are a 120x17 front and a 180x17 rear; not sure of the height ratio number. Odd size tires but want to use this bike for a trip to Invuk, YT.
I'm in the same boat, with my Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. There are very few off road oriented tires in those sizes.

I currently run the Pirelli Scorpion Trails, and they are the best street tires I have ever felt (not too much street experience, though). They are fairly tough, and have deep treads compared to other street oriented dual sport tires. They are only marginally better on gravel, though.

I am thinking of switching to the TKC80 for my next set, because I am converting the bike to a mini-adventure bike. I hate to lose the great handling characteristics the bike currently has, but knobbie selection is few and far between in 180 size.

Originally posted by Sumi
For me it wasn't better than the stock Scorpions offroad:( (sand + gravel) It was a major disappointment for me.
It was OK onroad, but the rear wears faster than the scorps, plus on the road I always had to worry about the speedometer, not to overshoot it's speed rating (Q - 160km/h) + it's scarry on wet tarmac. I would never buy them again.
Which Scorpions are you talking about, the Rally or the Trail? I don't think the TKC80 is the tire for me if they don't do any better off road than a Scorpion Trail.
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