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"What was the impact on fuel consumption while towing?"

Depends which end of the rope you were on....

Following the back of terry's jacket wuz the cheap end. But I hadn't come 5000 miles to scuttlebutt along at 25mph chewing exhaust gas.

Alas for the rest of the day that's how it went. Terry would pull alongside, pass me the rope, we'd wrap it round a peg apiece and off we'd go. After the bike had grabbed some ZZs I'd button her up and I'd ride off again until it died. Sometimes 20 minutes, other times just a mile or two..Terry would pull alongside...repeat to fade.
We suspected temperature was the deciding factor, but had no idea at this time whether it was an electrical fadeout through overheating -all the electrics were now shrouded under the tank instead of getting a blast of cool air-or some other factor. You'll just need to wait and see if we sorted it....or if I had to do the Ultimate Walk of Shame.
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