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Originally Posted by TengaiJohn View Post
....coming off the GWB onto the HHP ramp. Cabbie is in left lane, I'm in right lane next to him. Traffic in front of him slows down so he decides to pull into my lane, I try move to the shoulder and pull away.... he taps me on the rear left Pelican case.... bike goes left, then right, then left, I see the barriers in front of me and straighten her out. I get to a safe spot on the shoulder and pull over thinking the bastard was gonna stop.... yeah right! He keeps going and yells out the window "Sorry!". I get behind him and memorize his plate (1P97), follow him for a while and then finally calm down and realized how lucky I was not to have gone down. In the end I took off and he got off at 125th.

Be careful out there!!! I'm SOOOO glad I had those shitty cases!!!
oh my god John, I'm so glad you're still here to joke about it. I would bash the fuckers door and window in. A buddy of mine has these flashy gloves with titanium knuckles, I've seen him shatter a side window of a car with them on. maybe you should get a pair of those.....
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