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We got to a little holiday type town later in the day. It was still VERY hot and we were pretty beat so we elected to stay there.
The hotel we found was a crumbling post Soviet anachronism that still seemed to be run in The Good Old Way. i.e everthing was falling apart, and in a country where every shop, cafe, restaurant sells excellent beer, theirs was in a locked cupboard and the holder of the key wouldn't be back for 2 hours. We all dumped our gear and grabbed a shower.
Our boots all smelled appalling from the stinky soakings across the last day so the room as well as crumbling, now smelled like a giant tom cat had pissed in it. Lovely.
By the time we came out The Master of The Beer had come back with the key and The Lord was good to us.
The town/resort was on a beautiful lake, so grasping our liquid delight we all wandered off to the lakeside for a swim and to do the Lord's work and despite the bike problems the World was a good place. I've no pics of the hotel or the beach, maybe Prutster or W has?

There were some pretty Gucci hotels was I think just ours that was very tatty.

We'd all had a lot of sun that day, and Beemster was now pretty off colour with nausea, shivering and headache. She'd taken a nasty dose of sunstroke, which whilst it passed overnight was a concern for everyone.
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