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Originally Posted by Phil_Fong View Post
I have a friend who hit one in a heavy rigid on the Nullabor and spent 6 weeks in horsepiddle, 1 week intensive care.

Damn things like to sleep on the warmer bitumen at night.

It would be "goodnight Irene" if you clobbered one on a bike ....

When we did the Wanaaring OCR, I noticed the Bourke Shire council trucks placing signs on the highway south. You can't see them with the scrub so close to the highway and they are well camouflaged for it. 2 steps from them, and they're in harms way.

hence the cull ......
I reckon they would make a hell of a mess if hit by a HR . bloody nuisance things. A friend has a contract for the cull he sits in helicopters for days on end searching them out and shooting them in the NT.

Originally Posted by Sleepy John View Post
We spotted a flock of emus about 15 metres off the Pacific Highway at Broadwater in northern NSW a couple of Sundays ago. Not in an emu farm either!
I guess because of all the development we dont tend to think of emus being that close to the coast but they must have been there before all the highways and stuff eh ? either way I friggen hate emus and motorbikes together its an unnatural partnership!
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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
It's the classic freudian slip... "come out of the closet, and jump into the jaccuzzi with the rest of us..."
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