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A day off!!!
Yay! That's what life is all about. Haha.
Days at the store are turning into a blur, they are all basically the same, some days busier then the other, but other than that the same.
It's the third of December and I am counting the days till January.
Funny how I can have such mixed emotions about one thing.
I am glad to have the job and earn some money, and while I am there I am quite content to be there and interact with my fellow employees and employer. They are all really great people and fun to be with.
Yet the other part of me longs for my solitude and the quiet I only seem to be able to find in nature.
Lorrie's house is near the freeway, and the sound of rumbling trucks and revving cars is a continual background noise I can't escape from. My friend loves her recently purchased little home, and I can't for the life of me imagine living here.
I'm envisioning my quiet little hobbit home in the middle of nowhere with tons of flowers in the front yard that I can see from my windows, on a daily basis. I know I will be there one day, just wished I would stop hoping it will be soon
I'm reading Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, and find myself indeed doing a lot of "not being in the now" things. LOL!
Life is a learning process, and I guess I got to be patient with myself even though I seem to learn the important things rather slow.

My supervisor had this idea to tell the True Religion company my story, and see if they would be interested in funding two new tires for me. Wow! That was really sweet of her. We'll see what happens
Yesterday I had a surprise. I decided out of the blue to check my Paypal account, and low and behold, there was another donation made by David Bell. Not sure if he's from this forum, or weather he found my blog at
Still, it was a very nice gift especially knowing more and more people are with me on my journey.
Thank you so much David!
Today I"m lounging at Barnes and Noble, updating my blog in which I was very behind.
I'm thinking of entering the photo bucket contest and post in my blog as an entrance into the competition.
The winner gets $25,000!
If I do so I will post the link to the contest. the more reads I get the bigger the chances to win.
Time to get back to the house and help my friend dig some holes in her yard to plant Plumeria trees and a gardenia.
Merry Christmas everyone!
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