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Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
Paul, I keep seeing numerous people on Adventure Rider saying "No Fumar espanol" when wanting to communicate that they don't speak Spanish. I was taught to say "mi no habla espanol" in high school Spanish. I looked up "fumar" in the dictionary and it says that it means "to smoke"? I am not doubting you or the numerous others who use the word "fumar" on Adventure Rider, but I am curious about how this colloquialism came to be? Is the word "fumar" used through out Latin America of just certain areas, or did I just completely miss the boat on the humor of the situation? Thanks.
You are right... No fumar espaņol, translates to " I don't smoke English" (more like : me no smoke english)...

Imagine if you are a cop, and you pull over this gringo to try and shake him down (or even give him a legit ticket) and he blurts out with a strange accent "me no smoke english"...

you'd think to yourself "now, this guy REALLY doesn't speak any..." and you'll be on your way in now time
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