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not worth it...

seriously a little objectiveness never hurts...

I find it funny when somebody that has real world experience on BOTH ends of the spectrum you see very little objective banter and opinions regarding his/her experience...

as soon as somebody says something extremist on one end or the other people start yelling and getting all high and mighty


the last pics comparing a very rare and broken klr frame in the desert with a full out racing galouises ktm racing bike shows just how inmature and desperate to make a point some of us can get to doing...

in any case

there are points positive and negative of having all types of bikes, no bike is perfect and no bike does it all, why some people dont understand that is beyond me, as is bashing a bike for having too little hp versus having too much for example

you never see people bashing a cr500 for having too much brute hp back in the day! other than awing at its brute power, it would be just as dumb or extreme to say that that bike is PERFECT for everything.

in my humble opinion nothing will ever be perfect...much less a human on a forum! jajajajaja

so relax peeps!
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