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Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
I love the TKC80. I can and do scrape peg on the bike with them on and they feel rock solid to me. The only issue I have with them is they don't last. I can wear out a rear tire on pavement in less then 200 miles. If I am taking it easy, I can make the rear last about 2,000 miles. I do get good mileage out of the fronts.

I run a TKC80 front now for everything, then swap the rear depending on what I am going to be doing.
+1 it's simply the best 50/50 tire you can get. Period. Once you get used to it you can lean till your pegs scrape provided you have set the right tire pressure. It does well off roads as long as it is not wet and/or muddy. I think the fron tire is the best semi-enduro tire ever. Its negative points are: expensive, weird on wet pavement and the rear does not last much longer than 3500km's.
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