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It's my dad's birthday today. Note to self: remember to call and extend my good wishes.

Woke up in the tent this morning to the sound of rain. Oh boy, here we go again... As I was packing up the soaking wet camping gear, Mongox came out to greet me with a hot cup of coffee. Just what the doctor ordered to make the morning bearable. We spent a bit of time discussing my route. Here I deferred to the expertise of the local. Looks like the most interesting route would be to find Rt. 25 out of Hollister, and take that down to Rt. 198, then cut over to the 101 and continue south. That is just what I did. Although it was steadily raining, Rt. 25 was great fun. Smooth road, wide sweeping turns... It's the closest you can come to flying without leaving the ground. Left a big grin on my face!

The road to Mongox

Today, my gear completely gave up the “waterproof” ghost. If I ever thought the jacket or pants were at all waterproof, I take it back. I got thoroughly soaked (maybe some rodent ate a big hole through the jacket somewhere and I just didn't notice)! So far this adventure is exactly like the beginning of The Hobbit. I'm riding my donkey in the rain, wrapped up in my cloak, feeling rather miserable :)

This is what most of the ride looked like:

I took the 101 for a while, then cut over to Rt. 1, then back to 101, then back to Rt. 1 and into Santa Barbara. Palm trees!! I'm going to be spending a few days here chillin' with an old Marine Corps buddy. He an I were the two dissidents of our battalion. We used to take turns doing something stupid to take the heat off the other person when it got too hot in the kitchen (so to speak).

---Ride Report Intermission---

Coming up next: Santa Barbara to Phoenix AZ.
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