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So,someone give me the lowdown on the Tenere. I am close to buying a Transalp,but the Tenere is a definite alternative. I primarily want a road bike for back road rambling,some mountain road touring/camping,some two up of same,with some fairly agressive twisty action .Not afraid to leave the pavement,but not crossing the Sahara or leaving the ground,to be sure. Will they run loaded/two up at 70-80 or is that asking too much. Most big trailies handle quite nicely and I love to wear out the side of my tires. Am I looking at the wrong bike?? Are there commmon issues to look for(TRANSALP is output shafts and CDI's,apparently)What is considered high mileage? Low miles can be just as scary as high,but everything has a practical for any reply and all are appreciated. Some great looking bikes in this thread....I am in France ,BTW,so it is European models I am considering....
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