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Hi guys and thanks for the info.
I had a talk with Sjaak Lucassen who did the Alaska ride in February with his Yamaha R1. Although he was fully sponsored he said that with a good prep I could make it myself. He also said that the road to Fairbanks it's well mantained and selad while instead from Fairbanks to Pradhow Bay no asphald at all and very limited fuel. Woud you agree on this?
The roads all the way from the 48 states, up through Canada, and to major Alaska cities are well-maintained and heavily traveled all year round. That doesn't mean that a heavy snowstorm won't stop you for a day or two while crews are getting it cleared off. But you can expect pretty easy conditions - other than cold temperatures - all through the year. In some places the roads are actually better during the winter, when packed snow fills in the potholes.

North of Fairbanks the highway is paved with asphalt all the way to the beginning of the Dalton Hwy/Haul Road. After that, it is about 1/3 paved, the rest is gravel. The time of year you are talking about, you probably won't notice the difference, although if it has started to warm up and melt, south-facing slopes may be thawing and muddy while north-facing slopes are still snow-covered and possibly slick. The farther north you go, however, the more snowpack and the smoother the road. Also, the colder it is, the better the traction. Once you get north of Coldfoot the road will probably be completely snow-covered, and the surface has little dimples in it from truck's tire chains running over it. That shouldn't affect your traction adversely.

You'll need gas enough to get you from the Fairbanks area (I always top off at Hilltop) to Coldfoot, a distance of about 250 miles. And from Coldfoot to the gas pumps in Deadhorse is another 250 miles. But you'd better have enough fuel for at least 100 miles more than that in case you have to turn around before you get to the next fuel source. Recommended minimum range when the weather is questionable is 320 miles.
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