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I was sitting outside at in-n-out burger one day and 3 guys stopped at my bike to check it out. I kept my mouth shut as I was eating and didn't want to claim it as my bike.

The conversation went something like this.

That's a cool bike, it's like one of those KLR's!! Id like to get one one day.
Yeah it's like a dirtbike with a license plate..You can go anywhere on that bike..
Some guys put a gps up here... Shows them all the trails and everything..
Those tires look like they would be slippery in the rain..
Nawww, they ride these things around the world!

And on and on... I didn't dare say a word. My adventure ride that day was to get lunch..

It was a humbling experience and just thought I'd share.

Said "KLR" is a Husaberg 650. It's got over 14,000 miles on it, with no major breakdowns. I guess technically I could have ridden it from Deadhorse to Panama and back. I'd just need to change the oil every day, and stand up most of the time.

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