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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I have learned how to post a photo but I do not know how to control the size of that photo. Most of the time I get a tiny thumb size and it is not useful. I use mostly Image Shack for hosting photos and they provide limited editing. There is a feature of the Upload Page that allows me to select a size but this has no impact on what I get even if I select a different size. I think I need to resize a photo on my computer with my software before I save it to Image Shack? But I don't know how to do that.

I use a MacBook Pro 13", two years old. Everybody said I'd be able to do things a lot easier with Mac than Windows. This has not been my experience.
to resize on your computer before uploading:
if you open the pic with the basic "Preview" software, and look at the drop down menus along the top of your screen, one should be called "advanced" or something (i can check when i get home). that drop down menu gives you the option of image size. just edit and "save as", then upload.

Image Shack really doesn't give you links to different sized options? each link should be different for each size I'd think.

good luck!
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