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Eh? Sorry for the confusion... I'm new

Originally Posted by Clay Spinner View Post
So you've cleaned all of the ground wire attachments... and now the only thing not working is the horn... I'm unclear what has changed since your first post.
Clay Spinner- Apologies. After re-reading my last post, I see I made it as clear as mud. What I meant to say was that the horn, along with the brake and signal lights, is not working. However, (and try not to laugh at my incompetence) I now believe that the reason was because I had unknowingly disconnected the flasher relay, which seems to also control the horn. I haven't gone through and cleaned all the connectors, but I definitely would like to avoid paying $115 for a new OEM flasher relay. Anyway, I'll hopefully get into the wiring soon. Any suggestions for removing the fabric tape that binds all of the wires/harnesses together?
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