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Thanks to ebay I now have a JB DV-6E for $56 plus a modest shipping fee of $35. Not bad considering these retail for $300-350. I picked up some stuff to make a vacuum chamber but will have to wait for the vacuum to arrive. I figure I will hold up on the mud guard so I can get a good product now. Not like I am itching to ride as the bike is in pieces but the current 70' weather is making it a bit problematic. Luckily I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

I was looking at DIY vacuum chambers and found a rather ingenious pump hahaha, made it with some kitchen stuff and a penis pump!
Yay..... The Eliminator is a great US made pump. Word of caution..... I have destroyed at least one SS pot in the process of making a vacuum chamber. 25 inches of mercury is quite a lot, and I ended up with a pressure cooker from BB&B. So put on a pair of safety glasses on the first go of the chamber, cause once it goes..... it goes. I ended up with a acryllic 1 inch thick plate from for about $35 it was 12x12 inches. Most fun of all... Is to test the chamber with the kids.....and....uhhhmmmmm..... lots of marshmallows......

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