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SORRY to disagree!

I'm a Uship believer.

Shipped several bikes through them and although had a few snags here and there, always was a good experience. Some of the shippers went WAY out of their way - even spent almost the whole day waiting on the owner just to make the deal happen. Just be aware. Scammers in EVERY line of business, shipping included - professionals too. There is always some form of risk involved when buying away from home. Someone HAS to take a risk - PERIOD! I find by talking to owner you can KNOW what kind of condition bike has been kept in and allay any fears you might have - CRUCIAL!

I let them know ahead of time IF she arrives home with NO more damage than she already had they'll be some sort of a tip involved - whether it's just buying them dinner or a more substantial form!

Payment also can be a problem - because of SCAMMERS, etc. Some people haven't done an out of town deal and are deathly afraid of any form of payment other than CASH. IF you look, even on Craigslist pages they TELL you NOT to deal with anyone out of your own town, etc. Sorry folks this is 2012 and that special bike you've been searching for in YOUR town isn't available BUT one possibly even better is a thousand miles away.Sometimes a bank transfer is possible sometimes not. I find using "Postal" money orders are the next best thing to cash. You can remind sellers it IS a "FEDERAL" offense IF something is illegally doneand really helps the sellers comfort level!

After all that - I did use Federal the first time I shipped and it was SMOOOOTH as silk - also way more expensive too.

Let the buyer beware! Just my $1.02 cents... ANYONE else with good info I can learn something from for my NEXT time?
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