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Originally Posted by Wentwest View Post
Good luck with the bushing. That speedo part is hell to get to and I've generally taken everything off so I could turn the cluster upside down and let gravity take the oil into the bushing. It really can scream when it's dry.

The locking screw at the front wheel for the cable is a b***h to get out, too. Soak it with penetrating oil for days, then sometimes you can get it with an impact driver and heat from a hair dryer or a heat gun. You should get a new one before you even start, because you are sure to mess up the slots on the old one. Hondas use Japanese phillips screws and they have differences in the shape of the slots. If you have a screwdriver from an old Honda tool set, use it.
I just removed the cable under the panel, that was easy, and lubed the cable itself. Guess I didn't get to the bushing and that sounds like a bitch to get to. I think this might have done the trick but will know tomorrow when I can take a longer ride. Damn, I was starting to feel good about this but now I'm having my doubts. I'll post up with the results tomorrow. I have sprayed the hub connection so maybe that will loosen up if I have to attack it from that direction.

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