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Spent a lovely morning wandering around Tikal today. I had initially considered getting up this morning for the sunrise tour that Tricepilot mentioned, but the kids at the Los Amigos Hostel said it was a bust during the rainy season because of the fog and clouds. Something better done in the dry season in a couple months. They couldn't see anything. And indeed it was foggy this morning when I got there shortly after sunrise around 7ish. So I hung out and drank coffee until the sun burned off the fog.

Headed up the trail. Here is a giant Ceiba tree. This lovely English tourist was having her boyfriend take a picture and so did I. Gives an idea of the massive scale. My camera isn't big enough to catch the huge branches just above covered in epiphytic tilandsias. Looked like feathers. :

Beautiful maze of roots in the path:

A little Coati or Coata Mundi was rooting around for insects near the trail:

more coming…..
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